Monday, 6 January 2014

Anaheim, CA

So today is exactly a year since I left for the US, so it's about time I post some photos from the second part of the trip which took place in the Orange County city of Anaheim. The few days we spent there were wonderful to say the least. Our home was Disneyland (aka the 'Happiest Place on Earth"...definitely lives up to its name) for 3 days and, the day before we left for San Francisco, we drove back to Los Angeles to visit Universal Studios. Every single one of these days was filled with the sounds of Disney soundtracks as they played through the entire amusement park, children's (and adult's) laughter and loud screams from the rides but then beaming smiles afterwards. A few of my favourite photos from those few days.

 Splash Mountain

 Main street by day

...and by night

Cars Land, actual fkn life size street exactly how it is in Cars the movie

Stunning view of Disney California Adventure Park

DAMNNN this was the most amazing meal ever omg, tomato soup in fresh sourdough bread ahhh

Hollywood Tower of Terror which we went on wayyy too many times for our own good

California Screamin' the bloody best rollercoaster ever

My siblings and I outside the iconic Universal Studios globe

"Little New York" a few streets at Universal Studios full of fake buildings where many films and music videos are shot instead of actually in New York (Friends etc.)

Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane

Perfect dinner from California Pizza Kitchen, oh how I miss those huge Raspberry Iced Teas and free refills

Monday, 2 December 2013

Los Angeles, CA

Well it has been over 10 months since posting on here (sorry I've been super lazy ugh) ANYWAY, a lot has happened over the year and I still haven't gotten around to posting photos from my trip to the United States which I talked about way back in my last I'm going to post them now!
I'm thinking of making a handful of posts over the next few weeks encapsulating what my family and I got up to on our holiday.
Here's how I spent the first few days of our trip in Los Angeles, California.

 On our first morning in America we were greeted with this stunning sunset over the city!

 We stayed in Beverly Hills and we had to walk about half an hour through these meticulous streets to get to our tour bus which would take us to explore LA's most famous landmarks.

 Hollywood Boulevard

 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Breathtaking shops along Rodeo Drive

 Later on in the day we went down to Santa Monica Beach/Venice Beach and, believe it or not, actually had icy-poles and smoothies because the Cali weather was warm (even though we were there right in the middle of winter).

 There were quite a few people out that day enjoying the sunshine on their roller skates, bikes and skateboards! This was taken on the way down to the boardwalk to the Pacific Park amusement park.

 Santa Monica Beach

 The next day, we went for a walk down to Rodeo Drive so we could have a better look around, and on the way saw some lovely homes. This was my favourite! I love the vines which are growing along the exterior.

 The new Celine shop was being built on Rodeo and I love this image of the flamingo outside the store-front.

 Stumbled upon this immaculate Bugatti Veyron outside one of the worlds most expensive shops on Rodeo Drive.

This photo of my sister (on the right) and I, was taken on Via Rodeo; the small side street off Rodeo Drive full of beautiful shops and some lovely cafes.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

American Dream

So I just came back from 3 weeks in the United States and it was the most amazing time of my life!
I experienced so many phenomenal things with my wonderful family and have created memories which I'll never forget.
We traveled around Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I will make some more posts detailing what we did in each of the cities along with some photos!
Hope you have been enjoying the start of this year!
Lui x

Monday, 20 August 2012

polyvore sets!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

brunswick street

Went to Brunswick Street (Melbourne) today with my sister! We stopped and had lunch at a vegetarian place called "Vegie Bar" and I had a lentil burger, so yum! Bought and orange ukelele, blue converse and a st lenny tshirt :) There was an amazing shop called Urban Attitude which had all of these awesome coloured clocks/telephones and heaps of other awesome things! If anybody gets me the orange clock I'll love you forever haha! Hope you've had a lovely day, Luisa xx