Monday, 6 January 2014

Anaheim, CA

So today is exactly a year since I left for the US, so it's about time I post some photos from the second part of the trip which took place in the Orange County city of Anaheim. The few days we spent there were wonderful to say the least. Our home was Disneyland (aka the 'Happiest Place on Earth"...definitely lives up to its name) for 3 days and, the day before we left for San Francisco, we drove back to Los Angeles to visit Universal Studios. Every single one of these days was filled with the sounds of Disney soundtracks as they played through the entire amusement park, children's (and adult's) laughter and loud screams from the rides but then beaming smiles afterwards. A few of my favourite photos from those few days.

 Splash Mountain

 Main street by day

...and by night

Cars Land, actual fkn life size street exactly how it is in Cars the movie

Stunning view of Disney California Adventure Park

DAMNNN this was the most amazing meal ever omg, tomato soup in fresh sourdough bread ahhh

Hollywood Tower of Terror which we went on wayyy too many times for our own good

California Screamin' the bloody best rollercoaster ever

My siblings and I outside the iconic Universal Studios globe

"Little New York" a few streets at Universal Studios full of fake buildings where many films and music videos are shot instead of actually in New York (Friends etc.)

Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane

Perfect dinner from California Pizza Kitchen, oh how I miss those huge Raspberry Iced Teas and free refills

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